Dragon Fruit Box
Our Dragon Fruit Selection Boxes are a must-have for any fruit connoisseur. Each box contains 3 types of juicy, sweet & ready to eat dragon fruit. Small Dragon Fruit Box 1x White Flesh Dragon Fruit1x Yellow Pityahaya1x Red Flesh Dragon Fruit Medium Dragon...
£17.95 from £14.95
Trial Selection Box
Looking to try new fruits from around the world on a budget? Introducing our Exotic Fruit Trial Selection Box. Enjoy an exotic fruit tasting experience that features 10 perfectly ripened exotic fruits worth over £25!!! Promising to get the tastebuds tingling,...
Exotic Fruit Seasonal Selection Boxes
Our season Exotic Fruit Selection Boxes are a must have for any fruit connoisseur. Each seasonal selection box contains a wide range of juicy, sweet & ready to eat exotic fruit currently in season around the world. Whats in the Box? We try...
from £39.95
Banana Selection Box
Calling all Banana lovers, our banana boxes contain at least 4 different types of banana and update throughout the year as new species come into season. Current In  Small Banana Selection Box - 10 Pieces 2x Apple Banana2x Red Banana2x Matoke...
from £10.95
Detox Box
To commemorate International Self Care Day, we put together this Detox Box.  It contains exotic fruits and other items that will provide you with the ultimate health-boosting, detoxifying cleanse. You could make delicious smoothies with all these ingredients, or use...
Coconut Box
£13.95 £9.95
Coconut Box
To commemorate National Coconut Week, we put together this Coconut Box.  It contains 3 exotic coconuts: Brown Coconut, Young Shaved Coconut, and Young Coconut / Jelly Nut.  Coconut Water Coconut water is packed with electrolytes - this means it's even better at...
£13.95 £9.95
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