Dragon Fruit Box
Our Dragon Fruit Selection Boxes are a must-have for any fruit connoisseur. Each box contains 3 types of juicy, sweet & ready to eat dragon fruit. Small Dragon Fruit Box 1x White Flesh Dragon Fruit1x Yellow Pityahaya1x Red Flesh Dragon Fruit Medium Dragon...
£17.95 from £15.95
Trial Selection Box
CLICK HERE TO SEE TODAY'S MENU Looking to try new fruits from around the world on a budget? Introducing our Exotic Fruit Trial Selection Box. Enjoy an exotic fruit-tasting experience that features 10 perfectly ripened exotic fruits worth over £25!!! Promising...
Coconut - Young / Jelly Nut
Country of Origin - Southeast Asia Average Weight - 1.4 KG Introduction If you’re looking to stay hydrated, the Jelly Nut / Young Coconut fruit will be your best friend. Jelly Nuts / Young Coconuts are known for the deliciously sweet coconut water they produce....
from £5.95
Coconut Box
£13.95 £9.95
Coconut Box
To commemorate National Coconut Week, we put together this Coconut Box.  It contains 3 exotic coconuts: Brown Coconut, Young Shaved Coconut, and Young Coconut / Jelly Nut.  Coconut Water Coconut water is packed with electrolytes - this means it's even better at...
£13.95 £9.95
Lime - Finger / Caviar - Pink Champagne
Origin - Barcelona 🇪🇸Class - CAT 1Average Weight - 2 grams per unit, 14mm long, 7mm diameter  Introduction The Pink Champagne Finger lime is notable for its striking pink balls full of sweet Lemon juice with raspberry nodes. Our Pink Champagne Limes were...
from £1.15
Lime - Finger / Caviar - Yellow
Origin - Barcelona 🇪🇸Class - CAT 1Average Unit Weight - 50 grams per unit, 60mm long, 20mm diameter Introduction The Yellow Finger lime is notable for being one of the largest known species of finger lime, each bursting yellow balls full of sweet lime...
from £4.95
Hala Fruit
Hala Fruit
Country of Origin - Indonesia Average Weight - 1 KG per fruit Introduction As you can see, the Hala fruit is somewhat like an exploded planet or mutated pineapple, making it one of the most interesting-looking fruits in the world! At 1 kilogram...
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