Trial Selection Box
CLICK HERE TO SEE TODAY'S MENU Looking to try new fruits from around the world on a budget? Introducing our Exotic Fruit Trial Selection Box. Enjoy an exotic fruit-tasting experience that features 10 perfectly ripened exotic fruits worth over £25!!! Promising...
Exotic Fruit Seasonal Selection Boxes
CLICK HERE TO SEE TODAY'S MENU Our season Exotic Fruit Selection Boxes are a must have for any fruit connoisseur. Each seasonal selection box contains a wide range of juicy, sweet & ready to eat exotic fruit currently in season around the world....
from £39.95
Dragon Fruit Box
Our Dragon Fruit Selection Boxes are a must-have for any fruit connoisseur. Each box contains 3 types of juicy, sweet & ready to eat dragon fruit. Small Dragon Fruit Box 1x White Flesh Dragon Fruit1x Yellow Pityahaya1x Red Flesh Dragon Fruit Medium Dragon...
£17.95 from £15.95
Mango Selection Box
Our mango Selection Boxes are a must have for any mango connoisseur. Each box contains at least 6 different varieties of juicy, sweet & ready to eat mango. Small Mango Selection Box - 6 Pieces RRP £28.60 - ONLY £24.95 SAVE £3.65 Medium Mango Selection Box -...
from £24.95
Banana Selection Box
Calling all Banana lovers, our banana boxes contain at least 4 different types of banana and update throughout the year as new species come into season. Bananas can include - Apple BananaRed BananaMatoke BananaNam Wah BananaPlantain Cavendish Banana Small Banana Selection...
from £12.95
Detox Box
To commemorate International Self Care Day, we put together this Detox Box.  It contains exotic fruits and other items that will provide you with the ultimate health-boosting, detoxifying cleanse. You could make delicious smoothies with all these ingredients, or use...
Coconut Box
£13.95 £9.95
Coconut Box
To commemorate National Coconut Week, we put together this Coconut Box.  It contains 3 exotic coconuts: Brown Coconut, Young Shaved Coconut, and Young Coconut / Jelly Nut.  Coconut Water Coconut water is packed with electrolytes - this means it's even better at...
£13.95 £9.95
Passionfruit Box
Indulge in a world of tropical, tangy flavours with our irresistible Passionfruit Box, and discover the unique differences that set these passionfruit varieties apart. Delve into the exotic world of passionfruit with four exquisite varieties: the luscious Purple Passionfruit, bursting...
from £16.95
Plum Box
Indulge in flavours and colours from around the world with our exquisite Plum Box, a luxurious assortment of three distinct varieties of plums. You will receive 3 plum varieties from the following selection, depending on what's in stock and in-season:...
from £7.50
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