With over 3,000 different fruits on the planet, you may find it hard to believe that less than 5% are readily available to buy in a British supermarket. That's just one of the reasons Exotic Fruits was set up by David and Michael in 2020.

The brands' roots can be traced back over a decade before. Both of us are in our early 20s and travelling the world, slowly becoming more cultured which led to us experiencing a heap of new fruit for the first time. It got us thinking, how we could import them into the UK? Anyone travelling will know cash starts to dwindle, and credit lines start to run dry, so we eventually returned home fruitless, normality kicked in, careers took off, and our exotic fruit dream took a back burner.

That was until a Netflix series reignited the adventure. We were still convinced that with over 3,000 fruits on the planet, the British public was bound to be missing out on not only tasting excellent fresh fruit but the opportunity to learn about their culinary uses. We now had combined work experience across importing, manufacturing, food distribution, branding and marketing and found ourselves in a much better position to make more exotic fruit available in the UK at a reasonable price.

We spent 2020 sourcing, tasting, importing and testing some of the world's tastiest fresh, exotic fruit. We fine-tuned a robust supply chain to consist of several well-respected food producers who ensure Global Gap practices are adhered to, independent third-party residue tests are conducted, and complete visibility of the supply chain and spray records are maintained with full traceability. The Exotic Fruits brand was born juicy, sweet and ready to eat.

In our first years trading, we supplied our trusted lines of exotic fruit to over 4,000 new customers, several Michelin restaurants and high profile chefs, including This Morning's Clodagh McKenna. At the start of 2022, a move to new premises gives us greater capacity, the opportunity to introduce new lines to the Exotic Fruits range, build new cloud-controlled ripening rooms and offer next day delivery for rare exotics 7-days a week.

We fully understand our specialist products' impact on the environment and are always looking for new ways to reduce our product's carbon footprint. This is why we launched our 'Growers Club'. We want to encourage our customers to use seeds from their orders to grow their exotics at home. We include a biodegradable grow bag and peat pellet so you can join the club after you've eaten your first piece of exotic fruit. 

Our belief in innovation and our passion for driving positive change in the food industry means we are committed to using eco-friendly biodegradable and fully recyclable outer packaging for shipping. We will continue to work with our supply chain and share our experiences whilst encouraging them to move away from unnecessary packaging and single-use plastics. If you have any suggestions on improving, we would genuinely love to hear from you.

We hope you experience and enjoy all our juicy, sweet and ready to eat exotic treats. You can view all the exotics currently in season and available here. Some of our more elusive exotic lines can sometimes sell out in under 2-hour's; you can view our complete product range here and receive restock alerts by adding fruits to your wish list!

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