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Exotic Fruit Seasonal Selection Boxes

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Our season Exotic Fruit Selection Boxes are a must have for any fruit connoisseur. Each seasonal selection box contains a wide range of juicy, sweet & ready to eat exotic fruit currently in season around the world.

Whats in the Box?

We try to provide as much variety as possible, each box is updated weekly to introduce new seasonal arrivals.

Small Selection Box - 18 Fruits worth £45.
Medium Selection Box - 26 Fruits worth £65.
Large Selection Box - 34 Fruits worth £95.
Enormous Selection Box - 42 Fruits - worth £125.

A menu will be included with each selection box, full details of each fruit can be found on our website, you can see whats currently in stock here.

We cannot accept requests to include particular fruits in our seasonal selection boxes however you can select all the fruits you wish to include with our with our Build a Box, you can also personalise with a message. Links are below

Small Build a Box (18 Fruits)
Medium Build a Box (26 Fruits)
Large Build a Box (34 Fruits)
Enormous Build a Box (42 Fruits)

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