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Mango Selection Box

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Our mango Selection Boxes are a must have for any mango connoisseur. Each box contains at least 6 different varieties of juicy, sweet & ready to eat mango.

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Small Mango Selection Box - 6 Pieces

1x Nam doc mai mango
1x Kesar mango
1x Kent m
1x Alphonso mango
1x Atauflo mango
1x Mango
RRP £28.60 - ONLY £24.95 SAVE £3.65

Medium Mango Selection Box - 12 Pieces

2x Nam doc mai mango
2x Kesar mango
2x Kent mango
2x Alphonso mango
2x Atauflo mango
2x Mango
RRP £57.20 - ONLY £48.95 SAVE £8.25

Large Mango Selection Box - 18 Pieces

3x Nam doc mai mango
3x Kesar mango
3x Kent mango
3x Alphonso mango
3x Atauflo mango
3x Mango
RRP £85.80 - ONLY £72.95 SAVE £12.85

Enormous Mango Selection Box - 24 Pieces

4x Nam doc mai mango
4x Kesar mango
4x Kent mango
4x Alphonso mango
4x Atauflo mango
4x Mango
RRP £114.40 - ONLY £94.95 SAVE £19.45