Exotic Fruits Banana - Apple / Manzano
Exotic Fruits Banana - Apple / Manzano
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Banana - Apple / Manzano

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Apple Banana – Manzano is a hybrid banana cultivar from the Philippines and it is considered to be one of the most common banana cultivars in Southeast Asia and the Philippines. In terms of their size, apple bananas are short in length 10-14 cm, and chubby. They are yellow when immature while when they are fully ripe they turn black. The apple banana plant can typically reach a height of 10 to 13 feet. 


Bananas are native to Southern parts of Asia and in particular in India, Southern China, and Southeast China. Different cultivars also have been created in both tropical and subtropical regions. In the case of the apple banana, it is difficult to trace its origins, but it is believed that the cultivar originated from the Philippines.  


Today Apple bananas can be found growing in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide, especially in Southeast Asia in Malaysia and the Philippines, Hawaii, Mexico, Honduras, the Caribbean, and areas of South America, sold fresh at local markets. When exported into other countries, the fruits are primarily found fresh through Asian and Latin American stores and specialty grocers.

Flavours &Texture

It has a delicious, sweet taste with a hint of apple and strawberry. In terms of the texture, when they are unripe they are hard and have an astringent taste whereas fully ripened bananas are soft and have a sweeter taste.


You can have it raw, in a fruit salad, in your smoothies or you can make juice.

Nutritional Value

Bananas are a rich source of carbohydrates, fiber, potassium, and vitamin C.

Calories per 100 g

89 kcal


0.3 g


23 g


2.6 g


1.1 g


1.4 % of the RDI


10 % of the RDI

Vitamin C

15 % of the RDI

Vitamin A

1.3 %  of the RDI