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Banana - Nam Wah

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Origin - Thailand 🇹🇭
Class - CAT 1

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Nam Wah bananas grow in paired bunches in South East Asia and can be eaten raw but are often cooked when used in traditional Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese meals


According to an ancient story, the king of Thailand (formerly Siam) paid tribute to Vietnam with a gift of plump, sweet bananas. When the country became known as Thailand in 1939 the Nam Wah Bananas started to be referred to as Thai bananas and are not known to be grown on any large commercial scale


The Nam Wah Banana is Native to Thailand and is a natural hybrid variety of Musa acuminata. It is also known as Chuoi Xiem, Kluai Nam Wa, and Thai banana,  

Flavours & Texture

Its sweet but mild taste makes it a great banana for cooking,


when it is green it can be used as a great addition to a savory dish, in Thailand it is often stewed and served with fish. Once yellow it can be mashed and fried.

Nutritional Value