ExoticFruitsUK Apple - Rose
ExoticFruitsUK Apple - Rose
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Apple - Rose

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Rose apples belong to the genus of Syzygium and are originated from Southeast Asia. The most common species of rose apple is Syzygium jambos which has been introduced in many areas both as a fruit and ornamental tree. Rose apples are very similar to guavas in appearance and many people unfamiliar with them may mistake them for a guava on sight. It can grow both in tropical and sub-tropical regions.


Rose apples are native in Southeast Asia but they have been gradually introduced widely on every continent except Antarctica. In certain regions they are now established as an invasive species such as parts of Australia, Hawaiian Islands, and Galapagos Islands. 


Rose apples have been introduced in many different parts of the world. There are rose apple plantations in many parts of Asia, Australia, in USA and in Europe.

Flavours & Texture

Rose apples are light and crunchy with an initially sweet, fruity flavour followed by floral notes of rose. Their taste is similar to apple but their flesh is softer than apple and it has a strong rose aroma.


You can cut in half or in slices and eat it raw, in fruit salad, in your smoothies or you can make a juice. Their skin is edible and there is no need to peel them. 

Nutritional Value

Rose apples are very low in calories and they nearly contain fat. The low caloric content makes them an ideal snack.  

Calories per 100 g

25 kcal


0.3 g


5.7 g


0.6 g


29 mg


0.07 mg


123 mg