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Mango - Honey

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Country of Origin - India 🇮🇳 
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Honey mango (Mangifera indica) is mango cultivar native to Mexico. The fruit has a golden yellow colour and their weight can be between 170-280 g. They are elongated and slender with one end more rounded and the other end tapering to a slight point. 


Honey mango is believed to be native to Mexico but it is also believed that it has been introduced in Mexico from the Philippines and then was crossed with other mango varieties. Regardless of its origin, honey mango is a unique variety when compared to its fruity counterparts and it tends to be a bit smaller than other mango varieties. 


They are mostly produced in Mexico and specifically in the state of Chiapas. From Chiapas, it is exported to a great number of different countries. It is also produced in significant amounts in Thailand and in Florida. 

Flavours & Texture

Honey mangoes are very aromatic and they have a sweet honey flavour. Their flesh is firm free of fibres and features a buttery texture and deep yellow colour. 


Peel off the skin and then cut it in half. You can then slice it or cut in wedges. You can have it raw, in fruit salad, make juice or use it in your smoothies. 

Nutritional Value

Honey mangoes are high in calories and they contain a high amount of carbohydrates. However, they also contain a good amount of fibre and they contain high amounts of calcium vitamins A and C.

Calories per 100 g

325 kcal


0 g


80 g


5 g


2.5 g


237.5 mg

Vitamin A

25% of the RDI

Vitamin C

15% of the RDI


37.5% of the RDI