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Kiwi - Berry

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Kiwi berry (Actinidia arguta) is a plant native in many countries especially in Asia such as Northern China, Japan, Korea and Russia Far East. The plant produces small kiwifruits which they lack the hair covering other species of this genus have. Their colour is green and their size is like a large grape.


Kiwi berry is native mainly in Asian regions but they were later introduced in other parts of the world. An interesting fact is that their commercial production started only back in early 1980s and it is therefore a relatively new crop.  


The area of kiwi berry commercial cultivation is increasing worldwide. Initially commercial plantations were established in USA, Europe, and Chile but later their production expanded globally. New Zealand nowadays is a major producer and countries like Belgium, Netherlands, and Poland are constantly increasing their production in kiwi berry.

Flavours & Texture

They have a complex taste and some people describe it as sweet, aromatic and acidic. Their skin is also smooth.


Kiwi berry can be eaten without peeling as a whole. You can have it as a snack, in a fruit salad, in your cocktail or as a dessert. 

Nutritional Value

Kiwi berry contains a high amount of fiber and it is very rich in vitamins, especially in vitamin C. 

Calories per 6oz

130 kcal


1 g


30 g


8 g


2 g

Vitamin A

6 % of the RDI

Vitamin C

120 % of the RDI


10 % of the RDI


4 % of the RDI