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Kumquats (Citrus japonica) are a citrus species which produces small fruits approximately the size of large olive and they look like tiny, oval-shaped oranges. They are native in China and in Chinese, kumquat means “golden orange.” There are several different varieties and in some cases it is not clear if the variety is a kumquat or a hybrid. 


Kumquats are native in China but they have been introduced in other parts of Asia such as Japan, Taiwan, India, and Philippines. They were introduced in Europe during the 19th century and were later introduced in America. 


Despite the fact that they originate from Asia, kumquats nowadays are produced in many different countries. Most Mediterranean countries produce significant amounts and in the USA, Florida and California are the top producing states. They are also cultured in China, Indonesia, Indochina, Brazil, Israel, and Peru.  

Flavours & Texture

The peel of Kumquat is sweet and delicate, while the flesh of the fruit is distinctly tangy and sour. In terms of its texture, the fruit is harder than most citrus fruits like orange and it can be eaten with its peel. 


You can eat raw or use in a fruit salad. Additionally, you can use it in order to make jams, sauces, juice and even in desserts. 

Nutritional Value

Kumquats have a very good nutritional profile as they are very low in calories and fat, while they have a very high amount of fiber. 

Calories per 100 g

71 kcal


0.9 g


16 g


6.5 g


1.9 g


62 mg


0.86 mg


186 mg