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Lemon - Jara / Bangladeshi

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Country of Origin -  Bangladesh 🇧🇩
High Quality - Class 1


Jara Lemons, or Bangaldeshi Lemons as they are also known, despite the name and appearance are neither a Lemon or a Lime. It is in fact its own specie of citrus fruit possessing its own unique taste and very pleasant aroma. It is often used in curry dishes and creating refreshing beverages.

Flavours & Textures

The Jara Lemon the same texture as a lemon or lime, however the it can vary in size up to 10 times in size and their aroma is much more present. It tastes like sweet & sour lemon grass


The Jara Lemon is native to Bangladesh and can be found found growing on hilly terrains.


Wash before use.