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Plum - Marian / Mango

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Plum mango is the fruit of the flowering plant Bouea macrophylla that is native to Southeast Asia. The tree belongs to the family Anacardiaceae which also includes mango and cashew. The tree is evergreen and it grows to heights of 25 metres. Its fruits are very similar to mango fruits, they grow roughly 2 to 5 cm in diameter and they are green in colour. 


The exact origin of the plum mango is unknown, however, they are native to Southeast Asia where they have been found in the wild since ancient times. Today the fruit is still predominately harvested from tropical forests, but it is also grown in home gardens and is cultivated on a small scale in Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, and Malaysia. 


The tree is native to Indonesia, and Burma. It is also found in Thailand, Laos, and Malaysia, where it is commercially grown.

Flavours &Texture

Plum mangoes have a pleasant taste and they are sweet with a pinch of sour. Its taste is like a combination of persimmon, mango, and apricot. They have tight skin, while their flesh is juicy, soft, and a bit fibrous. 


The skin of the plum mango is safe to eat and the fruit can be eaten raw. You can use it in your fruit salad, make juice or use it in your smoothies.

Nutritional Value

Plum mango is low in calories and is a good source of fiber and vitamins.

Calories per 100g

70 kcal


0.27 g


17 g


1.8 g


0.5 g


0.13 mg


156 mg

Vitamin C

27.7 mg

Vitamin K

4.2 mg