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Melon - Yellow Watermelon

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Weight - 2Kg
Origin -
Thailand 🇹🇭


No this hasn't been photoshopped, this really is a large yellow watermelon weighing over 3kgs! The yellow watermelon is just as sweet and refreshing as a normal watermelon but contains more beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant linked to protecting against some eye conditions. 


The yellow watermelon is actually the original watermelon, first found growing in Africa over 5000 years ago, the red watermelon was a result of cross-breeding.  


The yellow Watermelon is now very rare and can only be found growing in just a small number of countries.  

Flavours & Texture

Watermelon is a very juicy and refreshing fruit. It doesn’t have a strong taste but it is, in general, sweet and fruity. It has a high water content, approximately 92%, giving its flesh a crumbly and subtly crunchy texture and making it one of the top favourite thirst-quenching fruits.


Carefully slice off the top and bottom of yellow watermelon using a serrated bread knife. Stand melon on a cut side, and carefully slice down through the middle. Cut the watermelon into wedges. You can eat it raw, in a fruit salad, or make juice, or smoothies.  

Nutritional Value

Yellow Watermelon is very low in calories and contains a high level of anti-oxidants.


Calories per 100 g

30 kcal


0,2 g


7.6 g


0.4 g


0.6 g