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Quince is the sole member of the genus Cydonia and the fruit is similar in appearance to a pear. It is native to Caucasus, Transcaucasia and Central Asia, and wild plants exist in Dagestan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iran. It has a long history of cultivation in Central Asia, the Middle East and Mediterranean regions, reaching back into ancient times. 


It is believed that quinces were produced in ancient Babylon and it was introduced in ancient Greece where quince was sacred to Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fertility. Quinces were later introduced in Rome and later introduced in many parts of Europe.   


Quince is produced in many countries with Turkey being the major producer. Significant amounts are also produced in China, Iran, Morocco, Argentina and California. 

Flavours & Texture

Quince has a heady aroma with hints of apple, pear, and citrus. In its raw form is rather tough, tannic and slightly sour at times. Eating a quince, however, would be like eating a tart apple. Quinces are rarely eaten raw as they have very a tough flesh and sour, astringent flavour and for that reason the fruit is best eaten cooked.


Quinces are best eaten cooked so it is recommended to cut it into wedges or slices and simmer it in a pot. You can add a cinnamon stick for extra flavour while you simmer it or any other tasty spices.

Nutritional Value

Quince is a low-calorie fruit, rich in fibre and it contains several poly-phenolic antioxidants.

Calories per 100 g

57 kcal


0.1 g


15 g


1.9 g


0.4 g


4 mg


11 mg


0.7 mg


197 mg