Everything You Need to Know About Yellow Dragon Fruit

Today, we're diving into the fascinating world of the Yellow Dragon Fruit - or pitahaya - the best tasting dragon fruit variety (in my opinion), with a punch of health benefits. From its origin to the best ways to enjoy the fruit, we've got you covered. 

What is Yellow Dragon Fruit / Pitahaya?

Let's start at the beginning – what is the Yellow Dragon Fruit? Also known as pitahaya, this exotic fruit belongs to the cactus family and is native to Central America. It has a striking yellow skin and white-fleshed interior, speckled with black seeds. It's one of the more flavoursome dragon fruit varieties, but also one of the rarer ones.

Distinguishing the Yellow Pitahaya from the Golden Pitaya

At first glance, the Yellow Pitahaya may seem akin to the Golden Pitaya, leading to potential confusion. While they both exhibit a yellow skin, they differ subtly in taste and appearance.

The Yellow Pitahaya has a sweeter flavour profile, reminiscent of honey, with a milder tang. The Golden Pitaya is also sweet, but it has slightly more tart notes.

The Yellow Pitahaya tends to be smaller, with a deeper yellow, spikier skin. The seeds inside tend to be larger and more spaced apart. The Golden Pitaya, on the other hand, tends to be larger with a smoother, more pale or golden skin. The flesh inside contains far more seeds that are much smaller.

The "Pitahaya" vs. "Pitaya" Conundrum - What's the Difference?

So, why is the Yellow Dragon Fruit is referred to as "Pitahaya" while its red, white, and golden counterparts go by the name "Pitaya"? The distinction lies in the etymology and regional variations of the fruit's name.

The term "Pitahaya" is often used for the yellow variety due to its Spanish origin, reflecting the influence of Latin American cultures where the fruit is prevalent. On the other hand, "Pitaya" is a term more commonly used in Asian regions, encompassing the red and white varieties.

Yellow Dragon Fruit vs. Red Dragon Fruit

Curious about the differences between Yellow and Red Dragon Fruit? While both varieties share similar nutritional profiles, their appearance and flavour sets them apart. The Yellow Dragon Fruit tends to be sweeter and more flavoursome than the red variety.

And, of course, the Red Pitaya boasts an exceptionally vibrant red skin and red flesh, whilst the Yellow Pitahaya has yellow skin and white flesh.

Where Does Yellow Dragon Fruit Come From?

Yellow Dragon Fruit has its roots in Central America, but nowadays it has spread its wings globally. Thanks to its growing popularity, you can now find it in various parts of the world. For those in the UK eager to savour its unique flavour, the good news is that you can order Yellow Dragon Fruit here.

Yellow Dragon Fruit Benefits – A Nutrient Powerhouse

Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty – the health benefits. Yellow Dragon Fruit is not just a delicious snack; it's a nutrient powerhouse too. It's packed with antioxidants, fibre, and essential vitamins.

What Does Yellow Dragon Fruit Do for You?

The Yellow Pitahaya's high vitamin C content supports immune function, while antioxidants combat free radicals. The fibre aids digestion and promotes a feeling of fullness.

Are Yellow Dragon Fruits a Laxative?

One question that often pops up is whether Yellow Dragon Fruit acts as a laxative. The answer is yes, but fear not – it's a natural laxative. The fibre content in the fruit aids digestion, promoting a healthy gut. So, instead of reaching for over-the-counter remedies, consider adding a dose of Yellow Dragon Fruit to your diet to keep things flowing smoothly.

Yellow Dragon Fruit Calories 

Counting calories doesn't mean sacrificing flavour or nutrients! Yellow Dragon Fruit is very low in calories, but has a high nutrient content. Per Yellow Dragon Fruit, you'll get approximately:

  • 150 Kcal
  • 3g protein
  • 7g fibre

Benefits of Yellow Dragon Fruit Seeds

Before you discard those tiny seeds, consider their benefits. Yellow Dragon Fruit seeds are rich in healthy fats and protein.

Yellow Dragon Fruit Side Effects – Myth vs. Reality

While Yellow Dragon Fruit offers numerous health benefits, some may wonder about potential side effects. The truth is, when consumed in moderation, this fruit is completely safe. However, like any fruit, excessive intake may lead to minor discomfort for some individuals. It's all about finding the right balance for your body.

How to Eat Yellow Dragon Fruit

Simply slice your Yellow Dragon Fruit in half - either lengthways or widthways, it doesn't matter. Then, scoop out the flesh with a spoon and eat directly from the skin.

Alternatively, if you want to cut your dragon fruit into cubes, make horizontal and vertical cuts into the flesh without going through the skin. Then, scoop out the flesh with a large spoon to reveal your perfectly diced fruit.

Yellow Dragon Fruit Taste

The flavour of Yellow Dragon Fruit is a delightful blend of sweet and mildly tangy, with a texture akin to a juicy melon. It is generally thought to be sweeter and more flavoursome than red or white dragon fruit.

Yellow Dragon Fruit Recipes

Yellow Dragon Fruit makes an excellent addition to tropical smoothie bowls, summery fruit salads, exotic fruit salsa, or even infused into cocktails. The options are endless!

Yellow Dragon Fruit Plant – Growing Your Own

For the green thumbs out there, growing your own Yellow Dragon Fruit plant can be a rewarding experience. Many people assume it's impossible to grow such exotic fruits in the UK, but it's actually more than possible with the proper care and attention.

Click here to shop Yellow Dragon Fruit Seeds and learn how to grow them at home in the UK.

Yellow Dragon Fruit Ripe Guide

Timing is everything when it comes to enjoying Yellow Dragon Fruit at its peak. Unlike some fruits that ripen on the tree, Yellow Dragon Fruit is best picked slightly underripe. Allow it to ripen at room temperature, and once the skin gives slightly to gentle pressure, it's ready to be eaten.

Where to Buy Yellow Dragon Fruit

For those in the UK, you can order fresh Yellow Dragon Fruit online from Exotic Fruits and have it delivered to your doorstep next-day. 

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