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Mango - Aya

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Origin - Israel 🇮🇱

Class - CAT 1
Average Unit Weight - circa 375 grams


Available from Auguest through to September the Aya Mango is one of seven commercially cultivated species of mango which for the Israeli Mango season.


Aya mangoes are currently only known to be growing commercially in Israel where the season runs from August to September.

Flavours & Texture

Its super sweet flesh has a slight caramel undertone similar to a honey mango. There are very few fibres meaning you can get really close to the stone.


Using a sharp knife, slice the mango lengthways on either side of the stone. Score a lattice into the flesh, being careful not to cut through the skin. Gently push out the flesh, slice off the cubes and discard the skin. Cut the remaining flesh from around the stone into cubes and enjoy. You have it in a fruit salad, in your smoothies, make it juice, or add use it in your cocktail. 

Nutritional Value