ExoticFruitsUK Persimmon - Sharon Fruit
ExoticFruitsUK Persimmon - Sharon Fruit
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Persimmon - Sharon Fruit

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Persimmon is the edible fruit of a number of species of trees in the genus Diospyros. The most widely cultivated species is the Diospyros kaki. In terms of its shape, persimmon looks like a tomato and its colour can vary from glossy light yellow-orange to dark red-orange depending on the species and variety.


Persimmon is native to Israel and in fact it took its name from the from the Sharon plain, the valley of the river in Israel. There is evidence that the fruit has been cultured in China and in Japan since around 1000 BCE and it was introduced in Europe during the 17th century. It was later introduced in Africa and in America. 


Persimmon is produced in many countries around the world and the leading persimmon producer in the world is China. Other important producers include: South Korea, Japan, Brazil, and Azerbaijan. 

Flavours & Texture

It has a very sweet taste and many people have described its taste honey-like with hints of brown sugar. Its texture is similar to that of an apricot and its skin is a bit tougher than an apple's. 


Persimmon fruits can be eaten out of hand and do not need to be peeled. Alternatively, can slice it and add in a fruit salad. You can also make juice or smoothies. 

Nutritional Value

Persimmon contains a low amount of calories and it is a very good source of fibre, minerals, and vitamins. 


Calories per fruit (168 g)

118 kcal


0.3 g


31 g


6 g


1 g


1% of the RDI


1.4% of the RDI

Vitamin A

55% of the RDI

Vitamin C

21% of the RDI